Mini Flat Cards with Envelopes

Hi all of you ! This is going to be my very first post and i am super excited...wish me luck..😇
In this post i want to show you what i made for my best friend's birthday & how i made it. It was her 25th birthday so i wanted to gift her 25 things but being short of time i decided to gift her 25 handmade mini flat cards with envelopes!
I designed all the mini cards in illustrator and got them printed. Then i pasted them on a colored paper half inch bigger than the cards.
Now comes the envelope part, that time i didn't have the envelope punch board so i folded three corners of square kraft paper equally and one corner little bigger than the other three and pasted them. Then i cut the heart shapes from the red glitter paper and pasted them on the envelope front.
 Now just wanted to have the final touch. So i combined all the envelopes with cards inside them in a stack of 3 and tied them with the pink ribbon.


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